Trial lens set (Red & black)

Product Specification:-

Coated Type PVC Coated
Types Basic Trial Set
Color Red Black
Material Plastic
Rim Types Plastic
Number Of Lenses 180
Haptic Shape Circle
Is It Recyclable Non Recyclable
Weight 5.5kg
With Waterproofing No
Brand Matronix
Spheres Concave lenses -0.25~-20.0 Step -0.25
Spheres Convex lenses +0.25~+20.0 Step +0.25
Cylinders Concave lenses -0.25~-6.00 Step -0.25
Cylinders Convex lenses +0.25~+6.00, Step +0.25
Dimensions W 545 mm L 355 mm H 100 mm
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