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Product Specification :-

Brand Matronix
Touchscreen Monitor Size 5.7
Pupil Distance 45~85 mm, 0.5mm steps
Weight (in Kg) 18Kg
Measurement Mode Refractometry Mode
Data Output Options Built in Printer
Refraction Measurement Sphere (sph): -25D~ 22D, 0.12D/0.25D steps Cylinder (cyl): -80D~ 8D, 0.12D/0.25D steps Axis : 0~180
Vertical Distance 0m, 12mm, 13.75mm
Minimum Pupil Diameter 02.0mm
Charter Automatic fogging method
Display 5.7 inch true color LCD
Print Import thermal printer
Power Supply 100~120V/200~240V, 50/60HZ
Dimension 275(W) * 509(D)*430-460(H)mm
Model Name/Number Q 30+
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Product Description

An advanced auto refractometer intended to provide accuracy and efficiency in optometric procedures is the Matronix Auto Refractometer. This innovative gadget blends modern technology with practical features making it a vital resource for eye care specialists.

The diagnostic process is greatly improved by the Matronix Auto Refractometer which guarantees precise and trustworthy measurements of refractive faults. A feature of its advanced design is an autonomous measurement function that quickly gathers data with little input, cutting down on examination time and boosting patient throughput. It is perfect for busy clinics looking to maximize productivity without sacrificing accuracy thanks to this feature.

Reliability and durability are priorities in the construction of the Matronix Auto Refractometer. It is an investment worth making for any practice because of its sturdy structure, which guarantees long-lasting performance. Furthermore, the device's elegant and small form factor makes it simple to incorporate into any clinical environment while conserving critical space.

The Matronix Auto Refractometer is a standout model when it comes to auto refractometer prices. Starting price of Matronix Auto Refractrometer is Rs 1,70,000. It makes high-quality diagnostic capabilities available to a wide spectrum of eye care practitioners by combining affordability and top-tier performance.