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Auto Lensometer SLK 5600

Product Specification:-

Brand Matronix
Model No 3.6kg
Prism 0.00-15.00 (Step 0.01 Delta)
Display 5.6" Color LCD Screen
Printer High Speed , Thermal Printer
Power Supply AC(110~220V) +10% 50/60Hz
Dimensions 194mm x 210mm x 408mm
Usage Application Hospital
Color White
Add -10.00~+10.00D (Add, Ad 2) Step: 0.01D,0.06D,0.12D,0.25D)
Axis -0 Degree ~180 Degree
Dot method Ink pas
PD Single eyes PD 20mm -39.5mm Double eye
Spherical Lens 25.00D~+25.00D (Reading increment. Step:0.01D,0.06D,0.12D,0.25)
UV Penetrability 1%~5% (Step: 1%, 5%)
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Product Description

Introducing Matronix's advanced Auto Lensometer SLK 5600, the best tool for accurate and effective optical lens measurement. This revolutionary tool sets a new benchmark in lensometry by fusing advanced technology with user-friendly functions to improve your workflow and practice.

Key Features

Effortless Operation

The SLK 5600 has an elegant and contemporary style that is enhanced with a user-friendly interface that makes using it simple for both beginners and experts. With just a few clicks on its high-resolution touchscreen display, taking precise measurements is easy, cutting down on error margin and guaranteeing reliable readings every time.

Auto-Recognition Capabilities

This lensometer's auto-recognition feature makes it easy to determine the type and powers of lenses, which speeds up measuring and removes the need for manual changes. Its sophisticated algorithms guarantee accurate readings even for bifocal and effective lenses enabling a smooth integration into any practice setting.

Versatility and Accuracy

Unmatched adaptability is also provided by the SLK 5600 which can accommodate a variety of lens designs and materials including contemporary plastics, custom coatings and glass. This tool offers reliable measurements with unparalleled speed and accuracy, regardless of whether you're examining changing, bifocal or single vision lenses.

Matronix SLK 5600 Lensometer Price

This lensometer, supported by the reliable Matronix brand, is made to endure the challenges of daily use while producing reliable readings. Additionally, the Matronix SLK 5600 Lensometer provides outstanding value for your practice with attractive pricing options starting at Rs 65,000

Experience the future of lensometry with the Matronix Auto Lensometer SLK 5600 – where precision meets simplicity, setting new standards of excellence in optical measurement technology.